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Mending Michael


Traumatised by horrific experiences in Vietnam, Michael Johnston is repatriated to Australia and placed in a psychiatric ward. Eventually discharged into an uncaring world, the disenchanted soldier descends into acute depression.

To escape city pressures, Michael finds work on a cattle property. There he is coerced into partnering local girl Sarah to the Annual Ball, but an alcoholic binge causes him to be re-committed.

Released and attempting to put his life in order, he elects to spend time with a Wiradjuri group where an aboriginal elder becomes his mentor. A remorseful Michael is resolved to make amends and re-kindles his relationship with Sarah. The couple marry and move to Sydney. However, terrifying memories continue to haunt him.

In war combatants can suffer physically crippling injuries. Less obvious is the mental and emotional damage inflicted, not only on the warriors but also on those who love them.

Mending Michael tells the tale of two such people..

Sample Chapters

Rob Ennever

August 19th, 2016

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Published in the Southern Highlands News, Wednesday 30th November, 2011.

 The Chaos Vortex’ by local author Rob Ennever is a remarkable book. Remarkable in that it can be read and enjoyed at two levels. For those of you who want a gripping, page-turning holiday or travel read with a compelling story-line, this is for you!

From its dramatic opening in riot-torn London the reader is transported back in time to become totally involved with a cast of intriguing characters drawn from vastly different backgrounds.

As their sometimes tragic and often brutal stories develop and circumstances shape destinies, inevitably paths cross and lives collide with disastrous consequences.

And for those who like something thought-provoking, this exciting novel revolves around many of the controversial issues confronting us today. Unbridled greed, media manipulation, drug addiction, social breakdown, civil unrest and mindless violence, all portrayed against the background of a moving love story.

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